Welcome to Donald Mercer Music!

Every musician has at least a hero or two, someone who made you want to write or perform better. I've had many.

My heroes on stage were people and bands like Brownsville Station, MC5, Cooper, Nugent and SRC, not to mention Seger or Iggy. As a bass player, I learned much from them.

Whenever I picked up my acoustic guitar however, my heroes were quite different. They were folks like Harry Chapin, Tom Rush and Dan Fogelberg. Of course there were others, such as Carol King and James Taylor. I learned much from them as well.

Playing music written by other bands or artists is very much different from trying to write and perform your own material. It's much more difficult, and the learning curve is sometimes not really a curve at all, just a massive collection of wandering lines that may or may not take you where you want to go. I've tried to learn from my mistakes and do better as I've moved along.

I offer my songs as a simple fare. Perhaps you might find something that you like here. I'm not a polished, high quality studio production kind of guy. I record here in my little studio and get the finish work done elsewhere.

I'd like to thank Walter Guy at JWG STUDIO for his faith and trust in my music, his engineering skills and ability to lay in fill work as he sees fit. Without his vision and help, I most certainly would be lost. Thanks Walter!

Thanks for stopping by!

Donald Mercer